Welcome New Officers!

We’re about to say farewell to many of our outgoing officers as they head on to new adventures. Welcome to our newest crew!

SLA new officers2

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Found via the Election Decompression cha

Found via the Election Decompression chat hosted by ALISS on Sunday eve:

Now Featuring: Notable Kentucky African Americans Database
There are more notable African Americans with Kentucky roots and ties than any one person knows about. Very little has been written about many of them and it is a challenge to find what was written in the past. For some, their stories have only been told by word of mouth. The Notable Kentucky African Americans Database (NKAA) has been developed as a finding aid to bring together a brief description of pertinent names, places, and events, and to list the sources where additional information may be found


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This next library isn’t exactly local,

This next library isn’t exactly local, but worthy of acknowledgement. Diversity is political at points, and I want to address the Palestinian/Israel conflict when I advertise a library in Israel. However, the mission of this library extends past borders and should be commended.

Now featuring: The Garden Library
The Garden Library was founded in 2009 by ARTEAM, an interdisciplinary art NGO, in collaboration with Mesila, an aid and information center for the foreign communities operated by Tel Aviv municipality. In recent years, the neighborhood has been transformed into the undisputed center of African refugees and asylum seekers, generating and perpetuating hostility towards the migrant communities.

To this end, the Garden Library sponsors a range of art and educational programs aimed at equipping members of the foreign communities, children and adults alike, with tools and skills that better their situation in the job market, their enhance their understanding of Israeli society and enlarge their capacities to advocate for their rights.


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The wonderful Terri Ball found this reso

The wonderful Terri Ball found this resource. Thanks a bunch for opening our eyes.

Now featuring: Worlds of Words!
Worlds of Words builds bridges across global cultures through children’s and adolescent literature. Browse a list of resources available on the site.


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I found this library through my old job

I found this library through my old job at the Media Arcade in Suzzallo. Acquanda Stanford stopped by to do some research, but before she left, she let me know about this library that she was involved in.

Now featuring: Seattle Black Feminists Library
This includes Black feminism, Black women and Black people who are feminists and Womanists. We also take work done about Black feminists — material that encompasses very strong elements of the above perspectives — such as biographies. Also keep in mind that simply having a Black woman in the narrative — even at the forefront of it — does not make it Black feminist! In other words, no, I would not consider a boxed set of Scandal (yes, I said it) or a Whoopi Goldberg collection as anything that makes it on here.


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Gay City LGBT Library

Thanks to Rose Fraizer for letting me know about this library! As part of Diversity month, I’ve been searching for Seattle-local libraries that represent diverse parts of our community.

Now featuring: Gay City LGBT Library

In 2009, Gay City Health project began to house and staff the LGBT Lending library after the closing of the Seattle LGBT Community Center. Since then, the Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library at Gay City has grown to a collection of over 7,000 books that cover a wide range of LGBT topics.

The Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library at Gay City is a valuable community resource. Books, CDs and DVDs are donated by community members, and can be checked out by community members for free with a valid ID. The library is staffed by volunteers, who are available for everything from answering a simple resource question to helping you pick out just the right book to read.


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Margaret Middleton’s Family Inclusive Language

As part of Diversity Month, SLA-UW is highlighting rad libraries we’ve found that exemplify this behavior. If you know of any, please share!

Now featuring: Margaret Middleton’s Family Inclusive Language

Libraries and other information organizations should be a welcoming place for families of all kinds. Utilizing Margaret Middleton’s “Family-Inclusive Langauge Guide”, originally designed for children’s museums, is a great place to start!


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