SLA Holiday Party 2014: Learning about Wine

By Senteara M. Orwig

Holiday partyThe 2014 SLA-PNW Holiday Party this year was held at the Seattle Wine Outlet, and was themed appropriately! Senteara M. Orwig, a 2nd Year MLIS Student who hosts tastings and sales at local farmers markets for Wilridge Winery was kind enough to lend her own expertise and give her experience of the event:

The recent SLA Holiday party provided students with an excellent networking opportunity and had the big perk of being held at the Seattle Wine Outlet. The party featured Jon Haupt fromthe Sonoma County Wine Library and a wine tasting led by Richard Kinssies. This was perfect for the wine geek in me, especially because I want to apply my MLIS skills to the wine industry. The world of wine is an information gold mine if you care to take a dip in it. GoJon Haupt interviewing to tastings is the most enjoyable way to start wrapping your mind around everything wine has to offer. If you get overwhelmed the first few times, don’t worry, it is very common to only retain about 10-20% of the information from a tasting, it is how you slowly learn about the world of wine. I really enjoyed the tasting because Kinssies didn’t just tell us about the tasting notes, instead, he told us delightful stories about each wine. My nugget of fun wine knowledge from the tasting: Old World wines (European, mostly France) name wine based on the region it comes from, while New World wines name wine based the grape it comes from.

Senteara Orwig and Jon Haupt

Senteara Orwig and Jon Haupt

Here’s to a happy end of the quarter, and keep an eye out for the exciting events the SLA-UW has for the winter and spring!


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