This next library isn’t exactly local,

This next library isn’t exactly local, but worthy of acknowledgement. Diversity is political at points, and I want to address the Palestinian/Israel conflict when I advertise a library in Israel. However, the mission of this library extends past borders and should be commended.

Now featuring: The Garden Library
The Garden Library was founded in 2009 by ARTEAM, an interdisciplinary art NGO, in collaboration with Mesila, an aid and information center for the foreign communities operated by Tel Aviv municipality. In recent years, the neighborhood has been transformed into the undisputed center of African refugees and asylum seekers, generating and perpetuating hostility towards the migrant communities.

To this end, the Garden Library sponsors a range of art and educational programs aimed at equipping members of the foreign communities, children and adults alike, with tools and skills that better their situation in the job market, their enhance their understanding of Israeli society and enlarge their capacities to advocate for their rights.


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