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2014-2015: officers  events
2012-2013: officers
2011-2012: officers  events
2010-2011: officers  events
2009-2010: officers  events
2008-2009officers  events
2007-2008officers  events
2006-2007: officers  events
2005-2006: officers  events
2004-2005: officers

2014-2015 chapter officers:

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Stephanie Chou, Co-Chair
Amy Trost, Co-Chair
Stefanie Ramsay, Co-Vice Chair
Reilly Curran, Co-Vice Chair
Lizzie Strumolo, Secretary
Rebecca Brothers, Treasurer
Lydia Bello, Marketing Representative
Dianne Bohach, Co-Distance Representative
April Ybarra, Co-Distance Representative
Jennifer Lam, Technology Officer

Laura Dushkes, Faculty Advisor

2014-2015 events

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Library Tour, Winter Quarter:
Arnold Digital Library at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Special Librarianship Panel, Winter Quarter:
Mary Whittaker, Boeing Library; Vicki Valleroy, Boeing Library; Nancy Gershenfeld, UW iSchool and Microsoft; and Dylan Flesch, KEXP

Library Tour, Winter Quarter:
Wing Luke Museum

Happy Hour, Winter Quarter:
At the Pub at Third Place

SLA Holiday Party, Autumn Quarter:
Seattle Wine Outlet with Jon Haupt, Sonoma County Wine Librarian

Library Tour, Autumn Quarter:
EPA Region 10 Library

SLA and SAA Information Lunch, Autumn Quarter:
Information about these two great organizations and what they’re planning for the year

SLA and ALA Conference Preparation Panel, Spring Quarter:
Discussion with Nancy Huling, Nancy Gershenfeld, and Laura Horan

SLA Student Night, Spring Quarter:
Representatives from LexisNexis, ProQuest, Smartlogic, and Softlink

2012-2013 chapter officers:

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Sofia Leung, Chair
Violet Fox, Co-Vice Chair
Moriah Neils, Co-Vice Chair
Erin Boyington, Secretary
Ellie McDonnell, Treasurer
Chris Malinowski, Publicity Officer
Ann Pool, Distance Representative
Tsara Borsting, Technology Officer

Nancy Gershenfeld, Faculty Advisor

2011-2012 chapter officers:

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Cherl Petso, Chair
Andy Brink, Co-Vice Chair
Rachel Green, Co-Vice Chair
Julia Algire, Secretary
Mandy Gonnsen, Treasurer
Jennifer Dougherty, Marketing Representative
Jessica Bottomly, Distance Representative
Andrew McGrath, Technology Officer

Nancy Gershenfeld, Faculty Advisor

2011-2012 events

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Library Tour, Fall Quarter: MOHAI
Library Tour, Fall Quarter: Wing Luke Museum
Capitol Hill Library Crawl, Winter Quarter: ZAPP at Richard Hugo House and Gay City Library
SLA Student Night, Spring Quarter
Conversation with Kim Dority, Spring Quarter

2010-2011 chapter officers:

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Jessica Moskowitz, Co-Chair Jeannie Tucker, Co-Chair
Timothy Smith, Co-Vice Chair
Cathy Zegelin, Co-Vice Chair
Jessica Jerrit, Secretary
Morgan Bell, Co-Treasurer
Kathleen Turner, Co-Treasurer
Deborah Hamilton, Marketing Representative
Claire DMura, Co-Distance Representative
Julie Kastel, Co-Distance Representative
Dave Tolmie, Technology Officer

Nancy Gershenfeld, Faculty Advisor

2010-2011 events

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Happy Hour, Autumn Quarter:
Welcoming new students

Downtown Library Crawl, Autumn Quarter:
King County Law Library, Seattle Municipal Archives, Seattle Room at Seattle Public Library.

UW Library Crawl, Winter Quarter:
Law, Art and Built Environments libraries

Careers in Federal Libraries Panel, Spring Quarter:
Government Printing Office, Congressional Research Service, NOAA, EPA, Washington State Library

South Lake Union Library Crawl, Spring Quarter:
Washington Talking Book and Braille Library and Cornish College of the Arts Library

2009-2010 chapter officers:

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Holly Gale, Chair
Dave Tolmie, Co-Vice Chair
Benjamin Tucker, Co-Vice Chair
Laura Mielenhausen, Secretary
Brooke Pederson, Treasurer
Ross Fuqua, Marketing Representative
Andrew Poultridge, Online Student Representative
Jada Maxwell, Technology Officer

Nancy Gershenfeld, Faculty Advisor

2009-2010 events

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Capitol Hill Library Crawl, Autumn Quarter:
Group Health, Hugo House ‘zine library, Museum of Mysteries

UW Library Crawl, Winter Quarter:
Music, Engineering and Media Center libraries

Sandpoint Library Crawl, Spring Quarter:
Children’s Hospital and Mountaineers libraries

Student Night Panel, Spring Quarter:
Discussion with representatives from Casey Family Foundation, Group Health, and PATH. Moderated by Laura Dushkes from NBBJ.

2008-2009 chapter officers

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Annalisa Pesek, President
Eloise Marszalek, Vice President
Cindy Eder Porter, Secretary
Matthew Sorg, Treasurer
Matthew Goddard, Marketing Representative
Justin Day, Online Student Representative
Matthew Goddard, Technology Officer
Nancy Gershenfeld, Faculty Advisor

2008-2009 events

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Planning Meeting: March 6, 2009

Meeting Minutes

IT & Libraries, an SLA-UW iCareer Week Panel: January 9, 2009
Interested in how technology is improving and increasing access to information? Curious about the role of IT professionals working in diverse information settings, such as public and special libraries, nonprofit organizations, and corporations? What benefit does a library degree have for IT professionals? Or what technologies Library students should be proficient in as they begin their careers? We’ll discuss these and other questions you might have at our iCareerWeek event.

The evening starts at 5:30 with a panel discussion moderated by Nancy Gershenfeld and featuring these local technology pros who all have library degrees:

• Chyenne Bidart, Systems Analyst, T-Mobile;
• Marilyn Sheck, Director of Information Technology, Seattle Public Library;
• Kathleen Walsh, Information Systems Analyst, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
• Jennifer Ward, Head of Web Services, UW Libraries

iCareer Week 2009 Event flyer

SLA-UW Library Crawl: November 21, 2008
Join SLA-UW for our traditional UW Library Crawl & happy hour, to be held on Friday Nov 21 starting at 3pm! Get to know the UW libraries beyond Suzzallo or Odegaard. This is one of our most popular traditions: we visit 2-3 of the subject or discipline specific libraries on campus, followed by a happy hour! This quarter we’re visiting the Art, Foster Business, and Drama Libraries. Afterwards, about 5:30, we’re heading to Big Time Brewery on the Ave for happy hour. While the tour is limited to 10 people and there is an RSVP list, everyone is welcome to join us on the Ave for Happy Hour!

SLA happy hour: October 3, 2008
SLA-UW hosted a very successful happy hour at the Collge Inn Pub on October 3 after the last LIS 500 class. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year iSchoolers met each other & local professionals from the PNW chapter. Morgan McCullough won our drawing for the free SLA student membership!

All iSchool Orientation Fair: September 22, 2008
SLA-UW officers hosted a booth at the iWelcome Week Fair to introduce ourselves and SLA to incoming students. Jessica Moskovitz won our drawing for the free SLA student membership!

Planning Meeting: September 18, 2008
Meeting minutes will be posted soon!

Planning Meeting: August 26, 2008

Meeting Minutes

2007-2008 chapter officers

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Rebecca Blakewood, President
Alex Bertea, Co-Vice President
Julea Swanson, Co-Vice President
Mary Beth Simiele, Secretary
Le Tran, Treasurer
Beth Sanderson, Marketing Representative
Reece Dano, Online Student Representative
Tim Merrick, Webmaster
Nancy Gershenfeld, Faculty Advisor

2007-2008 events

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2008 Annual Conference: June 15-18, 2008
We had a rockin’ good time at the SLA annual conference, held in lovely Seattle this past June. Our 2007-2008 outgoing officers collected a fantastic student group award for innovative programming (which our chapter has received twice in a row!).

Also, in lieu of the annual Frost-Gershenfeld Travel Award, which provides funding for a lucky SLA-UW student (or two) to attend the SLA annual conference (Previous winners have gone to Denver, Baltimore, and Toronto), Nancy funded a hospitality suite next to the conference center. SLA-UW students were able to take breaks out of their busy conference schedules, relax, and welcome students from across the US and Canada. Thank you Nancy!

Spring Meeting with SLA-PNW: April 2, 2008
Dinner and reception was $15 for students. The program included a social/networking event for students from SLA-UW and professionals from SLA-PNW and was held on the UW campus at South Campus Center. Several students won SLA memberships. The program included the presentation “Contract Employment: What’s in it for me?” by Jessica Goodson and Torrie Hodgson from Sakson & Taylor (an Aquent company).

PATH Library Tour: March 13, 2008
The UW SLA Chapter organized a tour of the PATH library. PATH is an international nonprofit organization with headquarters in Seattle and dedicated to seeking solutions for world health problems. The library at PATH is a well supported department that not only provides resources and consultation to the researchers and project managers, but serves as an environment within the building that all employees can utilize to engage in knowledge sharing. In addition to a tour of the library, the librarians at PATH hosted a roundtable discussion for the students where we learned more about the projects the library manages as well as discussed topics related to the greater information profession such as facilitating expert location and knowledge management.

For the tour of PATH the UW SLA Chapter had also invited two students from the UNC-Chapel Hill MLIS program, who were in Seattle visiting over their spring break. After the tour we hosted a meet-and-greet to introduce the UNC-Chapel Hill students to other members of the UW SLA and professional chapter.

iCareer Week speaker: January 11, 2008
We hosted a panel of SLA members who spoke to students about their careers, their experience in library school, and advice for students entering their fields. Our panel consisted of Nancy Hori from the National Park Service, Donna Cook from Puget Sound Energy, Krista Mercer from Callison Architecture, Julie Cook from UW Engineering Library, Ginny Rabago from Boeing Company, and Olga Shargorodska from PATH. The panel provided an interesting glimpse into the daily work of a variety of special librarians, and an opportunity for students to learn more and ask questions.

Audio recording of SLA-UW career week panel

Winter Quarter Residency Happy Hour Social: January 10, 2008
UW SLA hosted a happy hour during the residency period for online MLIS students. These happy hours are intended to be informal networking events for residential and distance students to meet alumni and professional chapter members in the Special Libraries field. In addition to enticing students and chapter members with delicious free appetizers, we also featured a drawing for student memberships to SLA. These happy hours have been well attended and a great event for developing a community for those interested in special libraries.

UW Special Libraries Crawl: November 17, 2007
The University of Washington campus abounds with special libraries, and the UW SLA Chapter organized a tour of three Seattle campus libraries to give MLIS students increased exposure to the breadth and diversity of libraries defined by user population or subject specialty. Students visited the Art Slide Library, which contains more than 340,000 35mm slides, representing artwork from most medias, eras, and regions of the world and which is used by over thirty departments and UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, UW Extension, the Henry Art Gallery, and instructors and lecturers from the Seattle Art Museum. Next up was the UW Engineering Library, which is U.S. Patent and Trademark Depository Library, as well as a national depository library for the Association for Computing Machinery. Finally, The UW Health Sciences Library (HSL) was visited. As the premier health sciences library in the Pacific Northwest, the HSL supports and collaborates with students, faculty, staff, researchers and clinicians throughout the State of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region. HSL supports six UW schools: Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Community Medicine, and Social Work.

Fall Quarter Residency Happy Hour Social: September 28, 2007
UW SLA hosted a happy hour during the residency period for online MLIS students. These happy hours are intended to be informal networking events for residential and distance students to meet alumni and professional chapter members in the Special Libraries field. In addition to enticing students and chapter members with delicious free appetizers, we also featured a drawing for student memberships to SLA. These happy hours have been well attended and a great event for developing a community for those interested in special libraries.

2007 Frost-Gershenfeld Travel Award
The co-winners of the annual Frost-Gershenfeld Travel Award were Tim King and Amy Donohue. Tim and Amy received funding to attend the annual SLA Conference, held in Denver. Their reports from the conference are linked below.

“SLA 2007: Denver, Colorado- A Student’s Perspective” (2007 Conference Report)
“SLA Essay” (2007 Conference Report)

2006-2007 chapter officers

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Tim King, President
Bret Masterson, Co-Vice President
Julie Miller, Co-Vice President
Sheri Boggs, Secretary
Deborah Bosket, Treasurer
Katie Blake, Marketing Representative
Lorraine Thomas, Marketing Representative
Jennifer Bascom, Online Student Representative
Elizabeth Gould, Webmaster
Jennifer Rose, Webmaster
Nancy Gershenfeld, Faculty Advisor

2006-2007 events

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Center for Urban Horticulture Library Tour: April 17, 2007 from 1-2pm
CUH was burned to the ground in 2001 by arsonists, who objected to CUH’s work on plant genetics. CUH has been rebuilt in a beautiful new building east of the University of Washington parking lots. Three people who work at The Elisabeth C. Miller Library at the Center for Urban Horticulture are graduates of the UW MLIS program, including: Brian Thompson, who is the Curator of Horticultural Literature; Tracy Mehlin, Information Technology Librarian; and Carrie Bowman, Library Technician.

Joint SLA-UW and SLA-PNW Chapter Spring Dinner: March 29, 2007 from 6:30-9 pm.
Dinner and reception was $15 for students. The program included a social/networking event for students from SLA-UW and professionals from SLA-PNW; a student Poster Session; and iSchool Faculty member and knowledge management expert Kevin Desouza, who spoke about driving innovation in organizations.

Capitol Hill Library Crawl! Saturday February 24th, Noon ’till the end of happy hour!
The library crawl started at noon at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and from there went to the library at the Museum of Mysteries (1:15) and Hugo House (2:45ish). Afterward, there was a well-deserved happy hour!

Winter Quarter Open Meeting: February 2007
Open Meeting topics were upcoming Officer elections, Pro-chapter/student-chapter event planning, and spring quarter event planning.

iCareer Week: January 19, 2007
On January 19 SLA-UW hosted Barbara Chen, Director of International Bibliography for the Modern Language Association, for her talk on careers in indexing and abstracting.

How to become an MLA Field Bibliographer
MLA Field Bibliography Fellowships

January Pacific Northwest SLA Meeting: January 17, 2007
Members of SLA-UW joined the Pacific Northwest chapter for an evening with Janice LaChance, CEO of the Special Libraries Association. Her talk was “The road ahead: What’s in store for SLA and the Global Community of Information Professionals.”

A Conversation with Stephen Abram: October 31, 2006
SLA-UW hosted Stephen Abram, Vice President of SirsiDynix and President of SLA national, for an hour-long panel discussion. Stephen is the guy you want to listen to if you care about: Libraries, Technology, Web 2.0, Library 2.0, The Long Tail, “modern” library catalogs, Facebook, Tagging, Flickr, Blogging, Delicious, Squidoo, Music, YouTube, Schools, social software… and anything Google that could have something to to with info technology (ie, anything).

Podcast from the panel
Stephen’s Powerpoint slides

2006 Frost-Gershenfeld Travel Award
Congratulations to Melinda Snarr who won the 2006 Frost-Gershenfeld SLA Travel Award. Read about her experiences at the SLA conference in Baltimore in June 2006.

“A Taste of Special Libraries” (2006 Conference Report)

2005-2006 chapter officers

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Katy Dichter, President
Jessica Lucas, Co-Vice President
Joanna Burgess, Co-Vice President
Laura Downs, Co-Vice President
Danielle Rowland, Secretary
John H. Otto, Treasurer
Sandy Jeter, dMLIS Student Representative
Amy Wilcox, Webmaster
Nancy Gershenfeld, Faculty Advisor

2005-2006 events

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Article on SLA Joint Student/Chapter Night: February 2006
Co-Vice President, Jessica Lucas, wrote about the 2006 joint UW and PNW chapter night. This annual event is a chance for students to meet professionals, network and get tips on becoming professionals themselves. The 2006 event focused on a poster session by students and panel discussion with both MLIS students and professionals.

“Report on the 2006 Joint Student/Chapter Night” by Jessica Lucas

Competitive Intelligence with SLA PNW: November 9, 2005
Joanna Burgess, SLA-UW Events Coordinator and Officer at Large, wrote a fantastic report on the SLA Pacific Northwest Chapter’s panel discussion surrounding Competitive Intelligence.

“Competitive Intelligence with SLA PNW” by Joanna Burgess

Silverfish Article: Notes From SLA 2005, Toronto
The Silverfish featured an article about the experiences of several iSchool students at the SLA Toronto conference in June 2005. The author, Joanna Burgess, served as SLA-UW’s Events Coordinator/Officer at Large.

“Notes From SLA 2005, Toronto” by Joanna Burgess

2005 Frost-Gershenfeld Travel Award
Distance MLIS student Laura Downs was selected as this year’s recipient of the Frost-Gershenfeld SLA travel award. She received $1,200 to help cover travel, lodging and registration expenses to attend the 2005 SLA Annual Conference in Toronto. Laura wrote a short article about her experience at the conference, linked below. Thanks for letting us share in the experience Laura!

“What does a librarian look like?” (2005 Conference Report)

2004-2005 chapter officers

back to top
Zola Maddison, President
Morgan Cowles, Vice President
Paul Nasenbeny, Secretary
Dena Gazin, Treasurer
Chelle Batchelor, Officer-At-Large
Justin McFadden, dMLIS Student Representative
Erin Hawk, Webmaster
Nancy Gershenfeld, Faculty Advisor


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